Phonebook setup and management

Phonebook setup, what to look out for?

Phonebook can be one of the most useful tools at your disposal. It can help you effortlessly send out campaigns or notification messages to certain groups.

First steps:

  • Create a group, i.e. Marketing Campaign 1.0
  • Add contacts via .csv, guide to CSV import, or manually
  • Format contacts with specifics i.e. phone, name, address and company

Keep in mind when adding contacts manually with "copy-paste" all numbers need to be formatted the same. Country prefix added to all numbers identically i.e. "+372 XXXXXXX". When importing, you can add a default prefix:

Example If you add default prefix to import '+372'

Number before import Number after import is processed
55566677 +37255566677
37255566677 +37255566677
371298554355 +372371298554355 ** (warning)
+37002984685 +37002984685 (no change)

Adding existing contact to a new group:

  • Uploading a .csv or adding the contact manually works the same as with a new contact.

PS:  You cannot have one number in two different groups with different specifics (such as address or name)!

  • Opening contact information by simply ticking the box for another group copies all contact information to the selected group.

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