SMS length calculator

How am I charged when sending longer messages than 160 characters?

Number of SMS Character amount* Character amount (Unicode)
1 160 70
2 306 134
3 459 459

*Characters like : ^ { } [ ] ~ \ | € are counted double (as two characters).

You can always check the SMS length by typing in your SMS text to SMS length calculator - this will display you the actual length of the SMS message.

What to look out for:

Special characters like: í Ó é â will force the message to Unicode.

They are sometimes easy to miss. As a precaution, it is good to use "Auto replace" in your account API settings which will replace special characters with regular GSM alphabet characters.

Even more difficult to spot is a "Non-Breaking Space" or whitespace which is not represented in GSM alphabet which is why using SMS length calculator is a simple way to prevent any inconveniences. 

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