Delivery Reports

Delivery Status in Dashboard

There are 4 delivery statuses visible in the dashboard for your sent messages:

  • Delivered
  • Sent
  • Failed
  • Rejected

Delivered - Message was delivered according to the signal from the carrier

Sent - Message submitted for delivery by the carrier, final status not yet clear (in retry cycle by carrier)

Failed  - Message has not been delivered  (Error codes)

Rejected - Message was not accepted for delivery

Delivery Report API

When making a send_sms API request you can specify an optional dlr-url parameter. When this parameter is set, Messente makes a HTTP GET request to this URL when the DLR is received.

status This is a general delivery status, which shows if the message was delivered or not. Please refer to "stat" and "err" for more detailed information.

DELIVERED - SMS was successfully delivered. This is a final status.
FAILED - SMS could not be delivered. This is a final status.
SENT - SMS was sent but status about the delivery is not present yet
 stat Compared to "status" parameter, "stat" provides more detailed information about the delivery failure.

DELIVRD - SMS was successfully delivered
UNDELIV - Unable to deliver SMS to this number
FAILED - Failed to deliver SMS to this number
UNKNOWN - Unknown error occurred when delivering the message
ACCEPTD - Message was accepted for delivery
REJECTD - The delivery to this number has been rejected
DELETED - The message was deleted from the delivery queue
EXPIRED - The delivery of message expired
NACK - The message was not accepted for delivery
dlr-mask Numeric "status" values:
2,16 = FAILED
4,8 = SENT
err 000 - No error
001 - Failed to deliver SMS to this number
002 - Sending SMS expired in 6 hours
003 - Invalid number
004 - Error crediting Account
005 - Could not determine the destination country/operator or invalid number format
006 - Too many identical messages sent to the same number, blocked for 60 minutes
007 - Sender name not allowed
008 - Number is in blacklist
999 - General temporary error
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