How to add credit to your account?

This article will provide you with all the necessary information on how to add credits to your account and different options for it.

Messente has message-based pricing, meaning that there are no fixed monthly fees for having an account or using the APIs. You are only charged for the messages you send and, in some countries, a monthly fee or one-time fees for sender name registration.

There are multiple options available for adding credits to your account. You can set up an automatic top-up which will add funds to your account from your credit card automatically once the account's credits fall under the threshold. Or you'll be able to use our One-time Payment to add credits manually via credit card, Paypal or via bank link of Estonian banks.


Automatic Top-up

The Automatic Top-up feature is a convenient way to ensure your account always has enough funds and your SMS flow doesn’t stop. In order to start using it, a credit card has to be added first to the account. To do that, click on Add credit at the top of our dashboard, after which click on the Add credit card either in the Automatic Top-up tab or in the Payment Methods tab. You’ll be redirected to the payment provider’s page to verify the credit card. After the credit card has been added to your account, it will be visible in the Payment Methods tab.

Once the credit card has been added to your account, you’ll be able to configure and set up the Automatic Top-up. For that, head to the Automatic Top-up tab and select the credit card you wish to use for the automatic payment.

The threshold is the sum that will trigger the automatic top-up after your funds drop below it, and the top-up amount is the amount of how much will be added to your account. You’re able to configure both values before activating the Automatic Top-up feature. We do suggest setting the threshold with at least a 2-day reserve, as the speed of the transfer is dependent on the banks.

Now all that’s left to do is to click on the interactive slider of Automatic Top-up, which will activate the feature for your account.

You’ll be notified via email every time an automatic payment has been made from your account.

To disable the automatic top-up feature, follow these steps:

  1. Click on “Account”
  2. Navigate to “Billing and invoices”
  3. Click on “Automatic top-up”
  4. Deactivate Automatic top-up with the slider

One-time Payment

To manually add credit to your account, click on Add Credit at the top of our Dashboard and select the One-time Payment tab. A little calculator will be displayed that shows roughly how many messages can be sent for the amount of your selection.
Once you have added your company information and VAT number (if applicable) click ‘next’ until you reach the preview step and can choose your payment type. We offer PayPal, credit card payments, and bank links for Estonian banks.

You can see your past invoices in the ‘Billing and invoices’ section. To be certain that your account does not run out of credits and stop delivering messages, we recommend setting up a ‘Low balance warning limit’ under your notification settings. You can choose the amount threshold that will trigger it - set this based on your expected volume and response time. We suggest setting the Low Balance Warning Limit with a 2-day reserve because the speed of adding the credits is dependent on the banks.