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Sender names

Only numeric sender names are available, alpha sender names are overwritten to numeric sender names. More information about the Sender ID-s is available here.

Network operators do not require sender name pre-registration, but if you have an URL in your message, please reach out to our support before sending!

Content restrictions

General restrictions apply, which are mentioned in our Terms and Conditions.

Marketing messages require opt-in and opt-out by the client. More information is available here.

No political, religious, unsolicited marketing, or gambling content.

Brand/business name to be included in the content of each SMS message sent.

*Recommended to add RM 0.00 (with a spacing after the last 0) to message body to inform end-users that there was no charge in receiving the SMS.
*RM 0.00 (with a spacing after the last 0) may be added to the message body by the telco operators if it is excluded.

Delivery reports

Network-based delivery reports. More information about delivery reports is available here.