Sender name registration

What is a Sender name?

Registering a Sender name (also known as Sender ID) is the first required step to start sending messages through Messente.

Sender name is something that identifies you (hence Sender ID) as the sender of the message - a brand name, shortcode or phone number. This is what your customers will see when they get your SMS.

From our SMS API guide you can also read on what are the different options and which Sender name is the best one for your company.

What happens during Sender name verification

To prevent spam or any malicious activity, we are required to manually verify sender names very carefully.

It is worth noting that approval from our side doesn't always mean the process is complete - there are several countries that require extra registration with the local operators. To learn more about your country and how the Sender names work there, you can check our Country Specific Features and Restrictions. You can also see how your message should look like in a specific country.

If your desired country seems to have extra requirements, or if your Sender name is not approved in the first 48 hours, then contact directly.

1. Choose a suitable Sender name

Choose a Sender name that connects directly with your company directly - this is the most essential thing during the whole verification process.

Good examples for Sender names: 

  • Company name, i.e. GreatComp
  • Brand name, i.e. GreatCafe
  • Webpage name, i.e.
  • Shortcde, i.e. 8866
  • Business helpline, i.e. +4400000000

If you want your Sender ID to be a shortcode or a long number, please contact our sales department, for these options are often for a country-specific fee.

2. Use a company email address

We encourage using company-branded email addresses when signing up - Gmail,, yahoo, and Hotmail addresses are often used by scammers and lack credibility.

What we might ask extra?

To prevent spam, unsolicited or immoral messages we often ask for examples of message content. So be ready to answer what kind of messages you plan on sending.

For advertisement campaign messages, we are also required to ask for opt-in proof for target numbers. You can read more about it here: Opt-in and Opt-out.

We might also ask the volume of messages every month, the target countries and if you plan to expand to other countries. Some countries require sender name registration with the local operators, we'll then be able to provide you with the necessary documentation and information about the registration process. In addition, knowing target countries helps us to give the most up-to-date information on different requirements which may apply.

These questions help us to get to know your business better and so we are able to support your integration to Messente much more easily.