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Sender names

Alpha sender names are available, more information about the Sender ID-s is available here.

Network operators require sender name pre-registration - please contact our support for more information. The messages will not pass unless the sender is registered.

Please note that only companies that have Singapore's local unique entity number can register - meaning that if you are a foreign company you firstly have to obtain a UEN by registering with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (“ACRA”).
There is both a set-up and monthly fee for any sender.

If you are only sending OTP codes, you can take a look at our Verigator feature that helps international companies to delivery their OTP codes also to Singapore.

Content restrictions

General restrictions apply, which are mentioned in our Terms and Conditions.

Marketing messages require opt-in and opt-out by the client. More information is available here.

No political, religious, unsolicited marketing, or gambling content.

Delivery reports

Handset-based delivery reports. More information about delivery reports is available here.