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Sender names

Alpha sender name available, more information about the Sender ID-s is available here.

Network operators require sender name pre-registration, otherwise, messages are rejected by the operators.

The registration process requires:

  • Requested sender name
  • Company details - name, address, website URL
  • Content examples
  • Additional documents are needed - please contact support

Content restrictions

General restrictions apply, which are mentioned in our Terms and Conditions.

Marketing messages require opt-in and opt-out by the client. More information is available here.

No political, religious, unsolicited promotion, or gambling content. Adult and loan content is restricted. 

Avoid words like: uu dai, vay, lai suat, khuyen mai, promotion, sale up to, sale off, mien phi.

Delivery reports

Network-based delivery reports. More information about delivery reports is available here.