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What information is required to set up your Viber Business Account?

The following article provides an overview of information required to set up your Viber Business Account.

To get started with Viber, fill out a dedicated Viber registration form here.

  1. Business Name - in English with Latin letters, for billing/reporting purposes only.

  2. Legal Name
  3. Beneficial Owner
  4. Business Category:

    • Retail - Selling goods/services from business to customers. For example, department stores, supermarkets, speciality/grocery stores, beauty salons, etc.

    • Banking

    • Telecommunication & IT - Mobile operators, TV & Internet providers, computer software, etc.

    • Medical services - Medical centers & clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, etc.

    • Logistics - Couriers, delivery, shipping, transportation, etc.

    • Health & Wellness - Gym & fitness centers, vitamin manufacturers, personal training, massage therapy, etc.

    • Fintech & Insurance - E-wallets, money transfer services, online tax services, insurance, etc.

    • Food & Beverage - Restaurants, food manufacturing, and delivery, coffee shops, soft drinks distributors, etc.

    • Hospitality - Hotels, B&Bs, tourism companies, travel agencies, etc.

    • Other

  5. Country in which the business is registered.

  6. All destination countries where Viber messages will be sent and where the service might be tested prior to launch.

  7. Sample message templates.

    • NB! In case the Message Templates are in RU, UA & BY:

      • each template is reviewed and approved within 48 business hours after submission;

      • templates are used for transactional messages (e.g. reminders, notifications, confirmation of the order/registration etc.);

      • Viber supports templates in the form of Regular Expressions (RegEx).

  8. Launch Date (GMT) - also important for billing purposes, not to charge any minimum monthly commitments prior to the actual technical integration and planned launch.

  9. Business Name (up to 100 characters) in the original language as it will appear on Viber app - this will be the sender name of your Viber messages, hence keep it reasonably short. An example picture is attached below.

  10. Business Description (up to 1000 characters) in the original language, as it will appear on the Viber app.

  11. Full Business Address (up to 225 characters), as it will appear on the Viber app.

  12. Business Website (up to 225 characters), as it will appear on Viber. Facebook and Instagram links will not be approved. Social media pages won’t be visible and in case the business doesn’t have a website and only operate on Social Media, this field will remain empty.

  13. Business Phone Number (up to 20 characters).

  14. Logos used to represent your brand on Viber in PNG (only PNG) format and in ALL of the following, exact dimensions:

    • 50x50

    • 65x65

    • 100x100

    • 130x130

    • 256x256
    • 360x280

  15. Extra Docs (e.g. brand certificates etc.) - optional and need-based, upon a request case-by-case.

  16. The standard Warranty Letter - will be provided for signing upon receiving all the other necessary information for the registration. No changes or additions of text/clauses are allowed on the Warranty Letter.

  17. Age Restriction - 18+ or 21+ or OFF if there are no age restrictions based on the content