Why create a sub-account?

Separating accounts by type of traffic and adding sub-accounts is very common and can be beneficial for multiple reasons

Some of the reasons include:

  • Separating accounts by content (e.g. OTP and marketing) - When using our blacklist feature, the blacklist applies to the given account only, meaning that once you've added the client to the blacklist, no messages will be forwarded to the client, including OTP SMS messages. 
  • Different departments of business that requires a separate invoice
  • Tracking growth, delivery rates, and cost for different brands and departments
  • Separate accounts for testing/development - A sandbox can be created by creating a new account and not adding any credit to the account. The SMS message request will still reach us and we'll reply from our end, meaning that the connection can be tested without the final step, delivering the SMS message, and any cost.


These are some of the most common reasons why many of our clients have created sub-accounts for their businesses.

To use the same account set up for your new account please contact your account manager or Messente support.