How to get your account verified?

Let's get to know each other!

To rule out any malicious activity, which has grown fairly common in this day and age, we require our customers to go through an account verification process. This also helps us to get to know your business and offer the highest level of support and guidance along the way. Until you have completed the account verification process, there will be limitations applied to your account.

The limitations

  • You'll be able to send messages using Messente pre-verified templates and default sender name to test out our services. Note that this sender might not work in all countries - you can check specific information about each country here: Country specific requirements.
  • VAT exemption is not available until the Account has not been verified. Invoices can be corrected after the successful verification upon request.

How to get verified?

Company information

The first step of the verification process would be to fill out the sign-up form and provide your company information. We ask for this information right when you sign-up to use Messente. This helps us ensure your compliance with our internal regulations.  

We also encourage using a company-branded email address when signing up - Gmail,, yahoo, and Hotmail addresses are often used by scammers and lack credibility.

As you are reading this, we assume that you have already passed the "Company Information" step.

Sender name

The next step is registering a Sender name (also known as Sender ID). This will be your ID for your clients, which they see when the message arrives. Although registering a Sender name right after signing up is not mandatory, we suggest you do it to get you going as fast as possible.
To learn more about registering sender names, read here.

Getting approved

Once you've filled out Create Free Account form and Company Information form, Messente will review your request. We might ask for additional information if something needs to be clarified or needs further specification.  

This will help us to get to know your business better, and thus, we are able to support your integration to Messente much more easily. In addition, knowing target countries helps us to give you the most up-to-date information on different requirements which may apply.

If your Account or Sender name is not approved or you haven't been contacted in the first 48 hours, then contact directly.