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How does WhatsApp work with Messente?

WA biz
  • Use the same API - WhatsApp is available through the same Omnichannel API that you use for sending SMS so no new integration is needed, just updated API requests
  • Fallback handled by Messente - if the user doesn't have an account or the message can't be delivered within a defined time then the API can automatically fallback to another channel. You choose which channels and in what order to try between WhatsApp, Viber and SMS
  • Additional 'Seen' status - see which recipients have opened delivered messages 
  • Only pay for delivered - if the user doesn't have WhatsApp or the message can't be delivered then you won't be charged 
  • 2 part billing
    • Meta bill directly for the message costs which vary depending on the type of message and the market you are sending in: https://business.whatsapp.com/products/platform-pricing 
    • Messente charge a flat processing fee per message regardless of type or market
  • Meta account required - see more about the requirements and how to set it up here