How Verigator Works?

Verigator is a turnkey solution for sending one-time passwords all over the world (OTPs)

Get started with Verigator

Instantaneous time-to-market 

It can often take weeks or even months to start sending OTPs due to the lengthy registration processes dictated by mobile network operators. Verigator bypasses all that.

Verigator’s pre-registered sender name and message templates enable you to send OTPs right away to anywhere in the world. You only need a setup on your Messente account - takes about 2-3 working days at the most.

Global access

Multiple channels are at your disposal (SMS, WhatsApp, Viber, and counting) to make sure you reach your ultimate goals – OTPs being delivered to recipients' handsets even in the most complex markets and your authentication rates increasing. 

Improved deliverability and cost-effectiveness

Verigator uses smart routing to ensure your message will always be sent via the most cost-effective channel. Our clients often see an improvement in authentication rates and deliverability.


Verigator eliminates the need to deal with the vastly varying policies of nearly 1,000 mobile operators globally. In addition, there is often cumbersome and complex onboarding involved with different ‘Over The Internet’ (OTT) platforms. With Verigator, there’s no template registration required, no service availability hurdles, and no legal concerns.

How does it work?

We've tried to build Verigator to be as simple to use as possible. Our intention is to keep most of the heavy lifting in our hands and offer you the fastest onboarding experience possible.

Here's how Verigator works in simple terms

  1. You send your OTP code with a fixed template using our API - just as you would for any other messaging API
  2. Based on the country and recipient's app availability, we'll pick the most efficient channel to use for each recipient
  3. We'll handle any automatic fallbacks in case of failures. For example, messaging apps'- or a person's mobile network issues. 
  4. You can be sure that the person received the code in the best way possible.

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