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  2. WhatsApp Business Messages (Early Access)

Setup WhatsApp with Messente

Follow the steps below to prepare your Meta account, link it to Messente and start sending WhatsApp messages

1. Read the WhatsApp Business policy

WhatsApp places some restrictions on the content and type of business that can use the platform so we strongly recommend familiarising yourself with their policy to ensure you don't run the risk of being blocked.


2. Meta pre-requisites

In order to send WhatsApp Business messages through Messente you need the following in place:

  1. A Meta Business account - if you have a facebook page you probably already have this
  2. A WhatsApp Business Platform account
    1. You will need a number for the account that is not already associated with another WhatsApp account *
  3. Meta billing setup
  4. A WhatsApp template created (you can only initiate a conversation with a pre-approved template)

* Messente can provide numbers if required for some markets, get in touch to find out more

Business managerAdd a WhatsApp account from the Meta Business settings dashboard

Whatsapp manager

Create templates from the Meta WhatsApp Manager



3. Connect you WhatsApp account with Messente

Next you need to connect your accounts. Contact Messente support or your Messente account manager who will provider you with a unique URL to the registration process (we will soon add a button for this in the messente dashboard).

The video belows takes you through the form and what's required.


4. Send a test message!

Once successfully registered you can start trying to send messages. Read the documentation here to help: https://messente.com/documentation/omnichannel-api/whatsapp-message 


Next steps

Now that you are connected you can prepare to start using WhatsApp for customer communications.

  1. Setup an auto-reply or be prepared to answer replies - any replies must be responded to in 24hrs so either be prepared to monitor replies or setup an auto-response to guide users to another channel
  2. Decide on your fallback logic - e.g. you might choose to always use WhatsApp first if you're looking to respond to customer demand or hoping for conversion improvements and then fallback to SMS or you could use it just for multi-part messages where it is likely to be cheaper
  3. Verify your business with Meta by submitting document in Business Manager to get 1,000+ daily business-initiated conversations and show your business name in chat with customers.